Hi everyone! Hope your week was fabulous! I’m looking forward to my family birthday party and SERIOUSLY good cake. Also my office party is Saturday and my dress is SLAMMIN’.

AND WHO’S EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS?!?! My tree is so cute I could die. LOOK:

I’m going to leave it up forever I think..

Here’s a couple things for your Friday!

Founder of The North Face dies in Patagonia. Awkward. (So many “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that shit” jokes.)
7 Utterly Insane Facts About Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Number 4 actually turns my stomach.
I’m finally having a party in my new apartment and I’m shopping for a coffee table. And throw pillows. I think I need these. And this. And look at THIS!!
After dying over this post by Sugar & Cloth this week, I actually found the coffee table she mentions that was sold out, at Target! YAY! My apartment is almost complete!

Have a fab weekend!

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