I feel like it’s been forever! Hope all of you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I have a most excellent week coming up! My husband’s work party which will be at a fancy-ass restaurant since the company is pretty small, is Saturday. AW YISS. Who’s getting dessert? This girl.

My last show of the season is Sunday the 6th at the Design Center in Boston’s Seaport District so yeah if you’re local PLEASE COME AND SHOP. Also? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY. And I am jonesin’ for cake HARD, you guys.

Let’s be real, here. When am I NOT.

get on with it

Ok! Here’s what I got for ya this week!

I mean, speaking of my birthday, none of the dudes in my life will do this for me! Why not?!?!
Swimming with pigs? AND NURSE SHARKS? Sign me up!
Stumbled across this pin on one of my boards. It’s genius.
A gift guide for people who fucking love stationery. I couldn’t have said it better myself. (And coincidentally, there’s a guide for people who fucking love to say fuck…)
File under “If only I could sew” this eye clutch!

Happy weekend everyone!

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