POP POP POP! Part 1!


What a week! Seriously. I don’t even know where to begin. How about the Saturday I went to set up? Grab a beverage and a taco, this is gonna be a long one…

Saturday we went to pick up the truck and started packing up. The plan was to pack the stuff in the house, go to my new CrossFit gym for their grand opening which included a workout and then head to my friend’s house where we built the displays (which is a whole other fandango including back and forth to Lowe’s like 100 times for different hardware to make my 7-foot-high mobile card walls…like…WORK) then off to Cambridge.

We set off for the gym and were all pumped for a good workout to start the day. It involved pull-ups which I subbed for Knees-to-chest which is exactly what it sounds like: hanging from a bar and you pull your knees up to your chest. My second round, I grabbed the brand-new shiny bar and on my SECOND rep, my grip went. However, since my knees were up, I couldn’t stand in time, and I landed right.on.my.ass. Actually, sorry, my wrist caught me a little. So yeah. In front of like 10 people, I fell. At first, it was just my ego that hurt the most. Everyone asked if I was ok and said “Walk it off” and “Don’t worry! Happens all the time!” and I thought I was fine.

Well, after the workout, and walking home I was NOT fine. My wrist blew up and hurt, and I started to panic-cry. Rob asked if I needed to go to the ER and I said NO because I had too much to do. After more bawling, some ice, an episode of Top Gear and a trip to Honeydew to eat my feelings, we set off to get the displays and go to Cambridge.

By a miracle, we managed a space out front and unloaded. I couldn’t do ANYTHING with my brand new wrist brace so Rob brought everything in and I stood around like any good Project Manager.



Everything seemed to be going along smoothly. Until I opened my acrylics.

I ordered a shit-ton of shelving and other display pieces but didn’t open them until Saturday. Which I realize was a huge mistake. But. There it is. The shelves were too short. My card shelves, which I calculated to hold at least 9 cards per, and upon which I based ALL my ordering, were too short.

Insert temper tantrum.

Also? Some of the holes were not QUITE accommodating for the pegs. I seriously had to have my husband bust out his utility knife and WIDEN THEM. Things were not going well.



They do look nice though, don’t they?

Next was my center display. This little guy was my pride and joy. The lower level sat on 2 wooden sawhorses and was painted with black X’s. The top sat on 2 wooden crates and was painted with minty dashes. On top of THAT was my “Snail Mail Forever” cut-out and that looked AMAZING. I had all the heart eyes.




After that I went to town setting up. Before we left that night I had all the cards up and some of the center display set. I also had a Cuban sandwich and died of happy.

The next morning we got up bright and early (ish) and went to finish. I had to set the center display, hang the art prints and set a 4-foot table with a peg backboard for the wrap stuff and calendars.

At this point I started looking around and wondering of one of fears had come true: did I get to much stuff?? I had some backstock, yes, so not EVERYTHING was going to go out but…did I have some products that wouldn’t see the light of day AT ALL?

I had a brainwave. I dug around for some wire baskets for the pegboard and put them next to the card shelves. That were too short. And then I realized I had to do something I HATE doing.

Me: Hey…
Rob: Yeah?
Me: I have to apologize to you.
Rob: I’m sorry, WUT?
Me: Yesterday you said “Maybe the shelves came too short for a reason. It’ll work out.” And I think I probably told you to eat shit and die or something?
Rob: Yeah?
Me: Well…if the shelves went to the edge, I wouldn’t have room for any of my pen sets. And I put them there *points* and they look really nice.
Rob: They do.
Me: So. You were right…

And after that everything pretty much just fell into place.


Card walls and center display



Notepads and mugs!



Agendas and cards chillin’ in the PM






Love how this came out.


Nice huh?

Another thing I couldn’t do was wrap a shit-ton of boxes for my window display. I was going with a “these are a few of my favorite things” theme. Pretty clever if I do say so myself. So of course I needed some brown paper packages tied up with string. Well, you can’t really do that one-handed. So…


The poor guy. He is so good on so many levels. He tells people he never thought he’d enjoy stationery or have fun at the Stationery Show, but he has his limits. I told him to use “whatever washi he wanted” and make sure you cut the pieces. Don’t rip. “Just make it look messy chic!” He struggled but got it done. I think he got into a groove by the end.


We just need bows!


I stuck some letters stickers on the walls, made arrows out of washi….all the things I love to do! And it all came together. I think maybe ONE notebook didn’t make it out of a box but that was mostly because I didn’t know where to put a sticker that wouldn’t ruin it.

We were ready and set up for business!

Ok, come back tomorrow for Part 2!!

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