It’s here, you guys. This weekend I load in all my shit for the Pop-Up. HOT DAMN. I have so much feels for this.

Ok SO let’s start this weekend off with pretty pictures. Saturday I went up to Portsmouth, NH with a friend after she and many others insisted I would die and then wake up and die again after visiting Gus & Ruby Letterpress. They were not wrong.



I mean so far, we’re all on board, yeah?



This amazing gallery wall of their prints is right when you walk in and it’s breath-taking. My breath. Gone.


Their shelves were just one dream after another. I had to go around twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything and I’m sure I STILL missed stuff.



I think what I loved most, was that I would love a shop JUST like this one day. Gus & Ruby had so many beautiful things I loved and many many brands I carry! But there was hardly anything they had that I also had. There’s just so many beautiful things out there and even people with the same tastes can have totally different things! Love that!



I was staring at this shelf for what felt like days SO SURE I needed something. Please?? Something? Alas…I am already overrun with darling ceramics…they had to stay where they were.

What a magical place. And right next door was a gift shop full of things that almost ALL had swears. I was in heaven. If they could just cut a door between the two shops and I could bring a sleeping bag and a hotplate? New address.

If that’s not enough, I haz some fun links for you!

StudioDIY posted a Fairy Bread piñata a little while back so I had to check this magic snack out for myself.
How to tell if you have math anxiety.
How to write a sympathy note.
Who loves typography? ME!!!
Paper just making more things funner than they already are!

I have this up in my browser and I keep looking at it and sighing…should I get it??

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be a shop owner! (for a week) If you are local to Boston please PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEAAASE with fairy bread on top come and say hi??? Ok thanks I knew I could count on you.

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