Smudge Ink Holiday Sip and Shop!

I had JUST been saying to my husband that I want to go visit the studios of my favorite letterpress shops. There I am, on Instagram, minding everyone else’s business and Oh So Beautiful Paper is profiling Smudge for its “Meet the Rolodex” series! So I hollah out at them and say something inane like “Boston!! WOOOOO!!!! EMOJIS!!!!” and they hollah back (as you do) and say they’re having an open studio shopping event THE NEXT NIGHT!


And I had never been to Charlestown either so this was extra fun. It’s so cute! Charlestown is one of those revitalized neighborhoods that’s part hood, part hipster but anywhere with a Whole Foods can’t be too bad. You used to be able to run and hide in a church and it was kind of “off limits” to wicked acts, like avoiding boys in the ladies’ room but instead of church, now I think it’s Whole Foods. “I can’t do that in there! I shall be struck down by an organic fair-trade dragonfruit!”

After shoving a Thanksgiving sandwich into my facehole at Warren Tavern, we headed over to the studio which is in an old factory building (because, duh) in an unsavory-looking area, where, after parking, a dude with cool-guy-hair on a bike (obviously) asked if we were going to the “shopping thing” and I’m thinking “No definitely not. Hoping to find some pumpkin spice COCAINE.”

smudge 1

ANYWAY once we got upstairs ALL OF THE FUN was there. There were a few, very cute, well-chosen artists there selling all kinds of desirable things like hand-painted pottery and fancy salves for your hands, and patterned scarves.

Whitney eliz

Whitney eliz 2




A room to one side was floor to ceiling cards for 25 cents! Just old designs from Smudge, maybe seconds (looked perfect to me!) but SO MANY cards and you could pick out your own envelopes to match!

Look how cute he is shopping for cards...

Look how cute he is shopping for cards…

THE BEST part though was seeing all the presses and GETTING TO USE ONE. I had worked a Heidelberg once at the Lowell Open Studios but this time I got to use a Vandercook named Cookie (YAS) and it was all kinds of fun. I could have stood there all night.


Demo Goddess showing Rob the ropes

More pretty presses…

letterpress 4

letterpress 2

letterpress 1

After you made a cute little gift tag, there was a nice lady doing calligraphy on the back for you so clearly we did that.


It was such a fun, impromptu adventure. And I even ran into April from Everything Little Miss who used to work for Smudge before she went full time with her own line!

Thanks for the awesome night, Smudge!

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