Hey everyone!

Since my Pop-Up opens in less than 2 weeks I thought I might share a little update. I wish I had done more of these but I’ve been going out of my mind with the end of SOWA and then right into prepping for a super fun event I’ll share with you next week (!!!) and now here it is 11 days away and HOLY SHIT I feel so unprepared but super pumped all at the same time.

What’s been going on? WELL. I am in the middle of a full-scale inventory right now where I am counting all my cards (watch out, Vegas!) printing stickers for those that never came to SOWA, and reorganizing them at the same time. Did you know I carry over FIFTY brands? Neither did I.

I have started packing shit up to go to Cambridge and have YET more packing to do and also? I am expecting a few more shipments that need to be checked in, put online, and priced. Talk about last-minute shopping. This weekend I will start building new displays which have to be freestanding and mobile (but don’t have to fit in the Honda. WIN!) Next Saturday we pack it all up and start setting up. Damn.

I still need to make signage and the other day, I spent about $400 on acrylic things to put shit on.

Today I started panicking.

I realized how much I had spent and am now getting that whole “If it’s not scary, it’s not risk” thing but does it have to be THIS scary? I hope to have one of those movie moments where the guys drive up to their new storefront on opening day and there’s already a line around the block. That would be the BALLS. I kinda doubt it, though.

This is going on and on, sorry, but here’s the exciting part…


WAIT TILL YOU SEE ALL THE FUCKING AWESOME STUFF I HAVE. And my front window is gonna be the shit. I get to make a WINDOW you guys! I wish it wasn’t just a week but the week I have I’ll make the most of and I hope everyone local will come!

I’ll be open noon to 8ish every night and Sunday night before closing up there will be SNACKS. I hope you’re following me on Instagram because that’s where all the magic is happening and there will be OH SO MANY pictures as we set up and get things going. Exciting/scary/exhilarating/panicking/pumped/pertrified/where’s the coffee???

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