LAST TIME on Super Popular Blog: I busted my ass getting ready (see what I did there?) and had a meltdown or two but we got set up and ready to roll!

So here it is. Monday. We’re open. I had my mom with me all week and we came in early to finish a couple finishing touches. I had to finish hanging the art wall and I needed her to put ribbons on all my fake presents. At noon, we unlocked the door, and waited with no idea what to expect. Would anyone come in? Did I remember to put everything into my fancy point-of-sale system? Would it work?

Judging by how many people had pulled on the door while we were setting up or peeked in the window or, one guy, heard saying “Oh, a card store! Cool!” I didn’t really think visitors would be a problem. They weren’t.

Monday and Tuesday were solid days. Wednesday….ehhhhh. Thursday and into the weekend, each day was better than the last. Hooray! And the best part was all the friends who came to see me.

One day, I was passing by the front windows and I spotted a little green-haired sprite on her way in…it was Lexy from Union Square Donuts! AND SHE BROUGHT SNACKS.



Aww yiss.

How sweet of her to come and support me! The owners of Loyal Supply, Kim and Ryan, also stopped by. It was so great for the local businesses to come and welcome me even though I wasn’t permanent.

Another day, one of many runners came in off the street to poke around and it turned out to be Samantha, part owner of Gus & Ruby Letterpress in Portsmouth! OMG!


I know I gushed about her amazing store but for her to come see me while she was in MA visiting a friend? So great!

The week seemed to fly by and soon it was Sunday. Our last day. I decided to have a little party of sorts, hoping to draw some last minute shoppers in. Unfortunately, the weather had turned cold and soggy and the streets were empty. No one to be seen.

So what do you do when you have a whole bunch of cookies at a party that no one came to?




Yeah. You eat them all yourself.

I did have my ever loyal pal, Melissa from Little Pancakes, come by and chat, shop, and help us eat cookies. That was fun. And we did pictures of course because scrapbooking.


My minion



We R so fresh



She loves stationery. I love jewelry. It’s a match made in the mall.


The clock struck 8. My shop had to turn back into a pumpkin. We hit the lights and locked the door for the last time as an open business.

The next day we went back to pack up and a fair amount of people came in to ask where we were going. One guy said “So…where are you going FOR THE DAY?” emphasis on the you’re not leaving are you? and I was like, “Um…packing up for good! We were just temporary!” And he was SO SAD! He needed a birthday card! I felt so bad! I would have sold him one if they weren’t at the bottom of a very tall, heavy pile.


It took no time at all to pack up, which was good. I was exhausted and I wanted the end to be like pulling off a Band-Aid. We closed up the truck and said goodbye to all the friends we made next door at Clover. (And to all the brussels sprout sandwiches I WOULDN’T be having anymore…)


At least he admits it…


Overall the experience was amazing. It was exactly what I hoped for. I got great feedback, everyone LOVED my card selection. More than a few times I was told that most places have a few cards that are great and the rest are just “meh” but ALL of mine were killin’ it. That’s a direct quote. People were bummed I was only there for a week. They loved my collection of gifts. I was a hit! I am very encouraged for a future store. I don’t know where it will be but I can’t wait to bring everyone smiles and put the “happy” in “happy mail”.

Until then…


It’s back to the office.