You Be The Judge

I enjoy reading the conversations between Jenny Lawson and her husband so much. They are slightly horrifying to MY husband because they hit a little close to home and he always makes jokes about someday taking Victor out for a drink because he knows that feels, but I think they are hysterical. I just had a similar one with Rob so I thought I’d share.


Me: Remember that comic about Heart and Brain I tagged you on Instagram yesterday? The Heart went and maxed out a credit card buying a 3D printer without telling Brain?

Him: Yeah.

Me: That’s totally me right now except replace the 3D printer with ice cream and replace the fact he did it without asking with the fact that I didn’t.

Him: You bought ice cream?

Me: No I WANT TO but I didn’t.

Him: Ooooh. Ice cream is okay if you share 😉

Me: Now it the tricky part…do I: A) order ice cream, and when you see the it on the credit card and freak out at me say “YOU SAID I COULD IF I SHARED” or do I: B) tell you how much it costs and then you say THE FUCK?? and I get nothing?

Him: How expensive is the ice cream??

Me: I have chosen poorly

Him: ….

Me: The ice cream is the same price as anywhere it is readily available, it’s the overnight shipping that’s the problem.

Him: Where are you getting this from?

Me: I haven’t gotten anything yet.

Him: That doesn’t really answer my question…

Me: You can get Bluebell delivered for $129. 4 half gallons.

Him: That’s ridiculous.

Me: NO, IT’S NOT! Totally unrelated: can we have a make your own sundae party themed housewarming?

So what do you think? Bluebell ice cream. 4 half-gallons for $129 and you can have it the next day. Worth it or not? For those of you in the South who can stroll into any grocery store and pick out whatever you want….no one cares what you think. NORTHERNERS! Thoughts??

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