OH HAI everyone!

Holy crap I thought this Friday would never come. It was a crazy weekend last weekend and a busy week. I have so much going on with the South End Market ending Sunday (!!!) and then gearing up for the Pop-Up AND Bust Craftacular!

Last weekend I got to meet Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess) and it was soooo awesome! She is SO sweet and gracious and dammit if she didn’t totally nail her reading. She was so nervous about it but did awesome. Such a privilege to meet her.


Her new book, Furiously Happy, is a definite recommend so far. It’s hysterical and heart-breaking and amazing and awful (not, like, poorly written, like…gut-wrenching, owie-in-the-heart kind of awful)…just read it. You’ll love it.

This one’s gonna be short because I have not had time to scour the internet as much as I would have liked!

First of all, this.
23 Things I Wish I’d Known at 23. Check out number 9!
Died because this was my costume last year!!
LOVING being a part of this series over on Thimblepress!

Yeahhhh and that’s all I got right now. Sorry I am SO lame. but I think you’d rather a short, authentic list, rather than a long list of links I bogarted from someone else, right? Totally.

Have a great weekend you guys!

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