IMG_2215Husband at the Kate Spade store with a WTF do you do with this attitude re: a cupcake shaped coin purse. I mean what DON’T you do with it??

I had to work (at the office) on Columbus Day and it was a TOMB so I cruised the internets (natch) a found this interview with Nancy Myers on A Cup of Jo and I LOOVVVVVVE Nancy Myers!!

I feel like this goes with all my stuff that says “No” on it.

This got my attention because we recently sold our house and even though it wasn’t quite what I thought, the end was pretty awesome.

I picked up Quill and Fox for the shop this week and I cannot WAIT for it to arrive!!

Remember last week I was freaking out over the Kate Spade/Magnolia collabo? WELLLL it’s possible I just bought this because they’re having a SALE! (25% if you put INDULGE in the coupon box!!!) I went to the Kate Spade store on Newbury Street and promptly DIED OF CUTE and carried that thing around the store (and I think the girl thought I was going to steal it RUDE) then sadly put it back but now it is miiiiine ALL MIIIINE and that rude witch doesn’t get commission.

Ok that’s all for today I think.

I lied. I’m having my totally random DOLLAR CARD SALE in the shop today and all this weekend!! YASSSS

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