Fri YAY!

Imma take a whack at a Friday round-up, you guys. This is scary. I LOVE Friday round-ups and they are my favorite post by everyone I follow so I don’t want mine to be crap. But I stumbled upon one or 2 things this week that I’m just like WHOA and need to share.

This week I spent my time pricing the ever-loving shit out of ALL the new product I got for the pop-up! I’m not holding back, though. Everything is online now (NOW!) and if you’re local to Boston PLEEZE come and visit me (and pick up a thing or three) in Cambridge next to Clover Food Lab November 17th-22nd. Holy crap. That’s soon.

OH! Also? I got to meet Miss Ashley from Sugar & Cloth! She and Jared were in Boston and I basically hassled her via Instagram to COME VISIT ME AT SOWA!! and she did!! It was so cool to meet her and she and Jared are seriously good people. They hung out and chatted for a while and then had much more of the city to see and eat. Also it was STUPID cold and windy out.

Here’s a picture of me looking not as cute and Ashley looking totally cute but truth be told that picture took a couple tries because we were both kind of asleep. Which is awesome.


GET ON WITH IT! Ok sorry! Here we go!

Can we just discuss this for a minute and how I need ALL OF IT.
This post is actually from last week but this is my blog and I do what I want. I just love it so much and it’s so right on.
This came back in stock and I jumped on it like RIGHT AWAY. Who else??
If you’re in Cleveland PAPER FLOWERS!
My friend sent me this video for making Oreo Rice Krispie Treats and I was like “DUDE where are the actual Rice Krispies??” (actually, first I was like “what in the hell are you doing with videos from Cosmopolitan…”) and then I forgot about that when I realized the OREOS ARE THE RICE KRISPIES. Mind blown.

And speaking of food…I need to make these and these.

Also pie.

PS I am doing 20% this whoooooole weekend INCLUDING MONDAY! Use code FALLYALL20!

PPS How’d I do?

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