Can we talk about this picture looks exactly like the one I took Opening Weekend? Let’s pretend I did that on purpose…

This past Sunday was my last at the South End Market! I remember thinking about doing the whole season and being like “Holy shit I don’t know about this…” and then the night before opening day, I couldn’t watch while my husband loaded the car with what looked like WAY too much stuff. But it all fit! Then in June I thought we’d made a huge mistake. We got used to only having one weekend day and then it was August and we were M-E-L-T-I-N-G in the crazy heat! My TENT BROKE in September and I found myself looking high and low for a stupid 10×10 canopy with only 4 weeks to go. Then suddenly it was October and then it was over! My last day was fun but COLD and it rained in the morning. Seemed like the shortest day in the South End ever and then it was goodbye for the season.


Here’s what my booth looks like…in a pile.

I’m glad to have my Sundays back, I won’t lie, but I am sad to not nerd out about cards with the citizens of Boston every week. This week, I hit the ground running to prep for my one week pop-up shop in Inman Square, Cambridge! I am super excited to have a for-realsies store even if it’s just for a week. If you’re local to Boston, I hope you’ll come visit!

Here’s some fun stuff for your Friday!

Chocolate-chip cookies are. my. FAVE. so when I saw this I almost ate my computer.
I think MY printer has even spit out some of these
The world’s cutest….rubber band.
Loved this article about one of my favorite stationery brands. Jane and Andy are such good people.
For the love of God somebody give me a reason to spend $129 on ice cream!!!!
Thinking about this. Anyone tried it?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! <<<< srsly read this