NSS Mailers!

You guys. NSS is in like, LESS THAN 2 WEEKS and I am so frickin’ excited I could die. Last year I was super nervy but this year I am PUMPED. And last year I didn’t get into the fun of the NSS mailer season because no one knew who I was! I didn’t have a store! I got a couple from some people I still don’t know how they got my address but if they haven’t come and stabbed me yet I’m pretty sure they’re not going to. Or they’re lazy. Anyway so last year I only got about four mailers. Which made me happy anyway because I was still in on the fun of what stationers call “the most wonderful time of the year” and as much as I love Christmas, I have to agree. When you get more pretty happy mail than junk mail?? YES! And isn’t that what is completely 100% percent behind this business? KINDNESS. THOUGHTFULNESS. Sharing love and empathy and sympathy and warm wishes. I can’t think of any better industry to be a part of. Ok enough blubbering. IMG_9665 BAM. IMG_9666 IMG_9667 IMG_9668 I mean holy crap. These have been coming to my door for a couple weeks now and I am blown away by all of them. They are so CLEVER. Works of art. I mean SHIT can people bring themselves to throw them away?? And most, if not all of them are handmade! DAMN. And the envelopes, HAND-LETTERED. Ok let’s look at some of my faves. Paper Bandit Press was my FIRST mailer. When I realized what it was I went, “EEEEEEEEE MY FIRST NSS MAILERRRRRR!!!!” IMG_9622 So cute! This paper elephant was sewn closed and I almost didn’t want to open it! Inside were tiny candies and Paper Bandit’s booth location and a handwritten note was included. They had a couple other designs like a Panda, but I LOVED my elephant. Ok this next one straight-up blew me away…I got a huge package from Everything Little Miss (local girl! woot!) and I was like WHAT could be in here??? IMG_9579 THIS. THIS WAS IN THERE!!! I died. SO EFFING CUTE. If you saw my Instagram of this little guy you saw how I went wild and started basically yelling, alone in my house, like you would to an over-generous friend. “APRIL! OMG! APRIL WHAT DID YOU DO!!!” Inside the pouch was… IMG_9620 All this super-cute stuff. She even branded some chapstick and hand lotion. I mean COME ON. A butterfly tote? And then… IMG_9621 CARDS! Now April will not be showing at NSS this year because she had a new baby in January so this was above and beyond; essentially a booth-in-a-box. Catalogs, giveaways, cards and of course, a thoughtful note AND a birth announcement (!!!) It was like, THE ULTIMATE mailer. If you’re going to skip NSS, this is the way to do it. Next was one I loved because I saw these girls on Instagram and made a new fwend! IMG_9561 I didn’t snap a pic of the note folded up. Womp Womp. But picture some crazy origami action that fit right in that blank spot on the open card. Oh yes. Sea and Lake and I have chatted a bit on the interwebs and between the affinity for junk food and paper, yes. We SHOULD totally be friends. And I LOVE their products. Win! Ok last look. Next is a brand who is just so sweet it could melt this hard New Englander into a puddle. Ink Meets Paper are in the habit of sending little notes throughout the year because they are SO true to their brand of “Text less. Write more.” When I had foot surgery, Daniel sent me a little note with get well wishes and I got another note on the 8-month anniversary of my shop. HOW CUTE IS THAT. I got my mailer from them and loved it…natch…but felt SUPER fancy when I peeked at the liner of their envelope and saw this: IMG_9669 I felt so embarrassingly superior to anyone who missed this little note it’s ridic. How lame can you get. (Only lamer than someone who didn’t see it….) If the mailers do NOTHING ELSE it’s get this lowly online retailer PUMPED UP for the Stationery Show. And hey, I may not be literally “brick and mortar” but on Sundays I am…pavement and tyvek? Or whatever pop-up shelters are made of. So you will be seeing some new super-fun things online and in-person on the streets of the South End SOOOON and I can’t wait for you to see!